“Lots of musicians decide to teach for a bit of extra income, but Louisa is a teacher first and a musician second, which means that she really knows how to explain things at a beginner’s level, and has supernatural levels of patience as well!”  Peter, 81

“I was a total beginner, and at the age of 64 was worried I might have left it too late to learn a new skill, but by the end of my second lesson I was banging out the chords to ‘Jolene’ and happily crooning along!”  Barbara, 64

“The online lessons are so easy and convenient, and just like being there in the flesh; so much better than rush hour traffic jams and worrying about babysitters!” Catherine, 37

“Louisa’s a really friendly and approachable teacher. I surprised myself at how quickly I learnt.”  Nita, 24

“It’s like learning a new language – one which everyone from Mozart to Zappa could speak!”  Thom, 48

“I took up lessons so I could join the local choir – you have to be able to sight-sing and I couldn’t read a note. Now I’m not only gigging with the choir, but I’ve been inspired to take up the piano too!”  Margaret, 70

“It’s great – now I can magically transform all those squiggly dots on the page into Jimi Hendrix solos!”  Jed, 15

“I am really enjoying the accordion lessons with Louisa – it’s relaxed and fun and I’m learning a lot.”  Frank, 52

“Learning to play a new song would take me hours using tab, but now I can sight-read it only takes me seconds.”  Suzy, 17

“She is a very patient teacher who makes lessons simple, easy and fun and has an interactive approach that makes it very easy to learn pieces.”  Rob, 31

“I could already play the guitar, but I’d never had the guts to answer any of those Gumtree adverts wanting a new guitarist for their band, because I’d never really played with other people before and didn’t want to embarrass myself by not knowing what to do. The Band Skills sessions with Louisa really helped, and it was fun jamming with her too.”  Ben, 21

“Louisa’s lessons taught me more than how to play my instrument – they taught me how to become a musician.” Alex, 44