Louisa is a tremendously experienced flute tutor, who prides herself on constantly finding new ways to motivate and engage her students so that lessons are always fresh and fun.

With a 100% pass rate, Louisa is very happy preparing students for exams, whilst the focus is always on enjoying and exploring the instrument.

Having performed in everything from classical orchestras to Latin jazz bands and Irish folk groups on the flute, Louisa is confident teaching a diverse range of styles and enjoys introducing her students to different types of music from around the world.

Alongside practising pieces, lessons will also include learning techniques to improve your tone and breathing, so you can work towards getting a beautiful, rich and clear sound out of your instrument.

“Amy felt comfortable and relaxed from the very first class with Louisa, and she’s always so excited after lessons to go home and play her new pieces.” Jill, parent

Making up your own music can be a really fun way of learning the flute, and Louisa gently encourages her students to have a go at both composing and improvising. Composing your own short tunes is easier than you might think and can be immensely rewarding, especially when you can type them up on music software and print them out to keep. Improvising, too, is easier than it sounds; most of Louisa’s students quickly go from saying “I can’t improvise” to happily playing along to backing tracks within the space of a short lesson!

More than just teaching people the flute, Louisa has inspired people of all ages to learn how to read music and improve their sight-reading. Mastering these skills opens up a whole world of new music that you can simply turn to in a book and play, and Louisa can make learning these skills simple and fun.

“It’s like learning a new language – one which everyone from Mozart to Zappa could speak!” Thom, student, age 48

Alongside teaching the flute, Louisa loves to introduce her students to all the wider aspects of becoming a musician. Music theory, for example, can easily be incorporated into lessons for any students interested in learning how music works and who want to understand music better. Aural training, which develops your listening skills, is fun to practise and can also be included in class. Band skills can be another really enjoyable part of lessons; these are for anyone wanting to gain the skills and confidence to play with other musicians. These skills can be practised by playing along to backing tracks, or even jamming with Louisa.

“I love going to watch my son play in the school band, it’s given him so much confidence as well as so many friends.” Hannah, parent

With so many years of teaching experience behind her, parents of young learners can be confident that Louisa will provide a caring and professional service. Children will keep a homework diary and regular feedback will be given to both child and parent. Parents can also request written reports on their child’s progress, as well as being welcome to sit in on classes.

“Louisa asked me what songs I liked and so we learnt how to play ABBA and Harry Potter which was fun.”  Sophy, student, age 11

Flute lessons can include:

  • playing to backing tracks
  • tone exercises
  • breathing exercises
  • exam preparation
  • music theory
  • composition
  • improvisation
  • sight-reading
  • aural training
  • scales and arpeggios
  • technical studies
  • band skills
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